Sunday, January 23, 2011

When all is said and all is done

After approximately 750 away from home, I have made it to my final day in Peru. What a strange feeling to be at the end of this big adventure and to be saying goodbye to everyone I have come to appreciate here. This past week in Lima has been filled with lunches and dinners with friends, birthday parties and sightseeing. My roommates wanted to take me to the Park of Magical Waters – or a huge part with huge fountains, and I won’t lie it was impressive. We made stops throughout the week at my favorite restaurants and I’ve tried to make it through all of my favorite Peruvian dishes. Friday night I had my second going-away party, but this time it was just with the ADIEL pastors and their families. It was a lovely night of delicious desserts, laughter and good conversation. The pastors took time to pray over me, thanking God for my time here in Peru and praying over the new season of life that I will soon be entering. We joked, played games, said our goodbyes and that was that.

This morning I went to my last church service at La Vina del Senor, and after enjoyed a nice lunch out with my roommates. It’s a gray day in Lima and while I am tired from swimming in details and coordinating lunches and dinners and birthday parties, I’m very content with this last week in Peru.
For now my bags are packed (mostly) and my goodbyes said (almost) and now I just have one more evening ahead of me. How will I be spending my final hours you ask? I’m going to the Peruvian Circus! My roommate Elly is taking me to a Peru-style Cirque du Solei show in downtown Lima. Not a bad way to end the day! The show is called something I can’t pronounce and is based on Peruvian culture and history. Elly and I will be going alone as Meredith and Raquel are on their way to Chincha to help with a medical missions team from the states that is helping out one of the ADIEL churches here. So tonight it is just the two of us. Well I’ve only got about an hour to finish up my packing and get myself down to the circus tent, and then I’ll finally get to start the long trip home. Tomorrow morning a taxi is coming to pick me up at 4:00am to take me to the airport. My flight leaves at 7:00 and will take me to Miami, where I will go through customs, and then on to Dallas. Oh joy for international travel. I would love prayer as I travel tomorrow, that there will be no trouble checking my bags, or that they simply won’t get lost, that there won’t be trouble going through customs and that I will have a save flight. I’m so excited to be seeing you all soon. (and sorry about the lack of pictures recently, out internet in Lima has been a little funky. I'll post some pics once I get back state side)


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